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Lee SWC's for Hunting ?
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I have been playing with my Super Blackhawk again after a long hiatus from it.

Tonight I loaded up some of the Lee 240 swc's, and noticed how much smaller (rounder) the meplat is than some of the commercial cast stuff I had kicking around.

Has anybody had any experience using this bullet for deer hunting ? I am concerned that this bullet will act more like a roundnose than a squarer swc.

Comments ?
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I havent but my buddy has shot a couple deer with the .44 and .45 version and they did ok
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For the price of a Lee mold I would look at the rf series in 44, 45, and 38 calibers. None I have group as weel as the LY keith bullets but the meplate on the lee swc is lacking in diameter especially in the lighter weights. Gianni.
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I use the SWC for Target and small game in .430 cal but as noted the nose is sumwhat rounded for larger animals so for them I use the WFP in a heavy weight.
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