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Ordering on 6.5 Swede bullet mold
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68106: 6.5 mold purchase (indicate interest)
10/01/02-9:53 PM Posted by: Oldfeller has the CAD dimensioning of the 6.5 bullet under Scalable Bullet under the Projects heading. Scroll down the Scalable Bullet page until you get to the CAD drawings at the very end. Or simply use this address directly:
(then scroll down to the bottom of the long page)

Look at the "AS CAST" picture first. This is a heavy, long, wide meplat diameter bullet intended for target work at 1,600 fps and for deer hunting at 2,200 fps (150 yards maximum hunting range).

Historically, it compares in weight and meplat to the very heaviest 30-30 Winchester bullets (100+ years of deer hunting success), though it may actually travel slightly faster than the 30-30 in the full hunting loads out of the long barreled Swedish mausers and has a better ballistic coefficent. It should kill a deer on any sort of quartering shot and theoretically could kill a much larger animal on a straight side-on shot (carabou, elk?) at 100 yards range.

The Marshal Permanent Wound Channel calculation for this bullet is a hole over 3/4" wide all the way through the deer on any reasonable angling shot, tapering down to a half inch towards the exit hole. This will be a blood pressure loss no animal can withstand. Point-blank hole would be .869" wide.

The 6.5 bullets have always been noted for excellent penetration and killing ability in the real world. The 6.5 Swede guns get used on carabou sized game frequently and this bullet is very like the classic 160 grain round nose hunting bullet in its effect. No blazing speed, but tremendous penetration and a deep, deep wound channel. You will have an exit wound and a good blood trail to follow using this bullet.

The design was the result of a design comparison/run-off against two LBT designs. This RCBS type bullet supports the heavy nose mass much better and it fits a wide variety of throat "wear sizes" better than either of the LBT designs did. It won fair and square, I was the one pushing the LBT designs and although I tried, they were simply not as user friendly on the full range of guns and throats nor did they ever support their nose mass like this one does.

45.21 is the fellow that did ALL of the CAD drawings and I give him 100% credit for the best of the designs as well.

So far I have found very little to offer as suggested changes in his final version of the 6.5 RCBS style bullet drawings. Check the math for the shrinks, the only thing I added was a little bit of "chicken" on the gas check shank shrink factor as some folks spin-in their Lee bullet molds as received to aid in free bullet drop from the new mold.

I "reserved" .0005" on the gas check shank for that initial polish job and I also asked that the check shank be at the lower end of the tolerance range rather than at nominal or at the top of that range. It is very easy to accidentally shift the gas check shank size up in polishing, and it always goes bigger on you fairly quickly.

Check shank fit was to Hornaday gas checks. Bullet can be sized to .268" or .266". Lube groove count and depth are more on the "generous" side as more lube is needed for full hunting loads in the long Swede barrels. Target folks will load slower and will lube only the first two grooves to minimize the over-lubrication accuracy effects.

Indicate your interest in this bullet design by sending me an e-mail with your return e-mail address and your snail mail address. Send this to and I will get back to you with the final math on the construction charges as soon as it is settled. This will not be a blazingly quick process, as we are talking this bullet up on other lists trying to get the needed orders together.

To make the $30 cost we talk about, we need solid orders for 25 molds.

Hope you like the bullet, we enjoyed working it all out for you. And we hope to be enjoying shooting it soon too.


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