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Cas Checks in Bottle Neck Cartridges
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Can Gas Checks be shot from a bottle neck cartridge? Do you have to be concerned with the gas check coming off leaving the case when fired?
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Methinks most checks are shot from some sort of bottleneck case. So long as the check is installed properly they'll stay attached-- the check being sorta the rear bumper of the bullet base which is exposed to the piston like pressure of combustion gases.

Hornady style crimp on style checks are preferred.
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I used to worry about this... so I pulled a bunch of gas-checked bullets back out from a 7mm Rem Mag (can't get much more bottle-necked than that!). I think I pulled 20 of them, and the gas checks always came out firmly attached.

In fact, I then tried to pull the gas check off the pulled bullets. It was quite difficult.

My conclusion (based on this tiny experiment) is that if the gas checks are crimped on well, it is nothing to worry about.

I crimped these gas checks on with the Lee pass through sizing die.


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I have never had a problem with gas checks comin' off even when seated well below the neck in several calibers with bottle necks,
Some of these with heavy weight boolits for the caliber are seated such that the gas check is several lube grooves into the case.
I use the Hornady crimp on style, have no experience with the other brands. [Smile]
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