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Help selecting .45 Colt Moulds
Hello, I will be shooting a new .45 Colt Ruger Bisley soon and the gun will have 3 functions, Target shooting, deer hunting (less than 200 lbs) and brown bear protection (big bears, better than nothing). I would guess that two bullets, one in the 260 range and another in 300+ would do nicely. What moulds would you choose and where would you get them? What do you think about lymans new 452651 325 grain GC bullet? Thanks
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Lee's 300 rf gc is an accurate bullet, and as I recall, cast from wheelweights, will finish at 310 gr and change. Lee also has a plain base variant in the 240-250 gr range, and it should work well for deer.
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<Don Martin29>
I have a Saeco 2-cavity .45 SWC mold that makes the nicest 250 gr plain base bullet that I have ever seen. The bullet has a very wide meplat and really looks deadly. All I have shot with were pests but I really like that bullet. It's an old mold. I don't if Saeco still makes that bullet or not.
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I have two four cavity Saeco molds for the 250 grain SWC. It's accurate, easy to cast with. I also have the 300 gr. Saeco mold that is gas checked. This mold is also easy to work with.
I've also got the Lyman 250 in two cavity, the RCBS in 250 in two cavity and the NEI 250 in four cavity. They all work great.
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the one .45 colt mold I wouldnt be without is the rcbs 300 grain semi wad cutter shoots great in all of my .45s
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I have used the Lyman 452651GC, RCBS 45-325PB and Lyman 457122HP in my RBH and Win 94 with decent results. I am still working on loads as I have just this year started buying guns in 45 LC.
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Lyman makes a 255 gas check kieth, and a 325 gas check round-flat, and I now use them exclusively. BBT casts mine for me.

With those two bullets, Unique and 2400 alone give me a whole range of good loads for the 454 Casull. From 900fps to 1840fps, depending on load.

I don't know how well the molds themselves work, but the bullets that come out of them are great.
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