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Headed to Texas in the morning for a hog/javelina hunt

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08 December 2019, 06:27
Big Wonderful Wyoming
Headed to Texas in the morning for a hog/javelina hunt
I'll post photos when I get back on Wednesday.
08 December 2019, 07:17
Get 'em---remember, shoot the pregnant sows first but don't let the rest of them get away. I'll be out myself tomorrow evening.

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08 December 2019, 07:34
Bobby Tomek
Good luck...and safe travels to you as well.

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09 December 2019, 04:55
Good luck! Hopefully you get a bunch!
09 December 2019, 17:03
Good Hunting --

Remember, the first ones out in a sounder are usually the smaller ones, but a lone LARGE boar is likely to be the only one

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11 December 2019, 06:55
Big Wonderful Wyoming
Well that was unproductive. Too cold or and about 20 cows were camped out around me the entire hunt.

Drew the Elephant Mountain javelina hunt. Saw zero javelina, a few mule deer outside the WMA, and zero hogs.

No one checked anything on the first day and I left midday on the 2nd day for a family issue at home.

Glad I didn't have 10 years worth of applying for that hunt.
11 December 2019, 21:22
Sorry for that disappointment, Seth.
Somewhere in the back of my mind is the phrase "a hog hunt in Texas is a sure thing." I think I have been reading too many of Bobby's posts!


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12 December 2019, 03:22
Big Wonderful Wyoming
Alpine is actually not that much different looking than where we live Bill.

Just very few prickly pear.

I saw javelina poop, I am sure they are in there just too cold and rainy and a very nice looking herd of Santa Gertrudis that never once left me alone.
12 December 2019, 11:21
Irritating to be hunting and
be crowded by cattle isn't it?

Couple of us were called to come
kill some coyotes that were eating
angus calves as they were being born.

Soon as we started calling the cows
came running and circled us to within
20 feet. No way in the world we could
have gotten a shot even if they'd come


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George L. Dwight
12 December 2019, 20:55
Big Wonderful Wyoming
The TPWD biologist told me to sit on a water tank and wait for the pigs.

I did that, and so did these cows.

I switched water tanks, more cows showed up and never left.

I only had two water tanks in the area they told me I could hunt so that was it.

They even started mooing when they found my truck and called in more cows.

Elephant Mountain WMA is a pretty place. If nothing else, and the Pizza Hut next to the hotel I stayed at had good pizza (even by Pizza Hunt standards).