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Minox ZA5 1.?-8x32 #4
one of us
Price is tempting.
Few recent reviews.
Anybody have any experience with one?
Thanks, Scott
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I have one with the versaplex reticle. I love that scope and the reticle. They were discontinued for a few years now. The only place I found that still has them listed is bear basin but I would check to see if they haven't updated their website before trying to order one.
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The ZA5 offered lots of performance for the price point. While not the model you mention, I have had at least three of them over the years and was always pleased.

Do heed what Jim says about BearBasin. I know from personal experience that they continue to list items they have never even had in stock. The Docter lineup is a prime example.

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Have two of them with the #4 reticle. Nice long eye relief, good field of view. If they are available for 375$ or less, it's a deal.
Bobby is correct about Bear Basin. They list some products they don't have. Sometimes they do have the obscure product buried in the back. More the exception than the norm.
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