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Do other gun shows do this?
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I have been attending and/or selling at the gun shows in Palmer, Alaska for 30+ years.

This year the town will require all vendors to purchase a 2-day business license for 10$ to have a table at the show that is hosted by the Palmer Lions Club. In addition we are to sbmit a list of sales dollars and pay the town a 3% sales tax on items sold. Of course, the paperwork included statements of penalties and fines if not done, and not done in a timely manner.

This is a pain, but livable. My concern is now that this information is on line, what will be the situation if the IRS sees private individuals now having a business licenses and collecting sales taxes?

This will be my last show in Palmer.

Do other gun shows do this?


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Sadly a lot of shows are having to do this and in some case the license is in the $50-$150 range for the weekend. Depends on the town and state.
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If you have a business license and sell guns without an ffl does that run you afoul of the friggen batfe??????? Federal felonies are a bitch I hear!

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Just move the show, problem solved. Wink Taxes is one reason a lot of our businesses are moving out of the large urban centers to smaller ones.


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It is all about money. You might check the town's business regulations. In some locals you are supposed to collect sales on anything you sell, new, used, commercial, private, etc. Looks like the town just realized how much money was changing hands and decided to get their share. In the past I have seen shows move out of the incorporated city and into the county to avoid the issue.
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I can't speak for gun shows, but some years back, California notified all coin dealers that were going to take a table at a show in Cal. (at the time, the Long Beach show was considered a major show, thanks, in large part to this law, I think, no longer) had to fill out all the relevant business forms and that, for income tax purposes, the days they spent in Cal would establish a "nexus" that one had to use to pay Cal income taxes. That was to be my last Cal coin show where I was a dealer. Didn't go, and now try to avoid Cal every chance I get. I feel good just flying over it on non-stops out of DFW. Smiler

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here we are required to fill ouit a form. it askes if you are a dealer or reseller and then asks for your sales tax id number, or if you are an individual selling his own stuff off - then you don't need anything more
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