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Pre War Model 70 value
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I have a pre-64 Model 70 (pre-war) in 270 WCF, 4-digit serial number in good condition. It has an aftermarket recoil pad, hard red rubber. I am just trying to see what the value of something like this would be. It seems the prices for these have dropped considerably in recent years.


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Don't let the buyer fool you.Pre 64's especially pre war 2 vintage are still valueable,more so in the 270 due to Jack O'Connor.I had a 1945 transitional model in 06 that I lost in the divorce but even at knock down prices it did pretty well.Remember that the 'Blue Book' is only a suggestion;the truth is in what the market will bear.If you don't HAVE to sell it,then wait,every day it gains more value.

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Check all the internet auction sites like gun broker look for the sold price.

Find all of those similar to the firearm you have take average and go from there.

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