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Record Auction Sale $1.8 Mil
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Today they showed on the news about Rock Island Auctions selling a Walker Colt for 1.8 million dollars. It is here which is why it was on local news.
I said to my wife; I have one of those; maybe I'll sell it. You should have seen her eyes light up after it all sunk in; $ signs for pupils.
She said, let me see it, so I got it. She looked it over and said, "It needs cleaning".
After a couple of minutes of letting her dream about here millions, I said, wonder if this "made in Italy" marking matters. She asked,
Where was that one made (the one on TV).
I said, at Colt, in 1847.
She immediately realized what was happening and suddenly got real quiet.
Not in a good way.
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That gun was from the Robert M Lee collection.

Not the most expensive Colt in the collection.

Mr Lee placed a value of over 12 million on one of his Colts. That one will probably never see the auction block but will be sold privately.

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reminds me of once in zambia when my wife wanted some pictures of lions on a scout trip with just the ph and me -we ran into a young male with a female and2 cubs. he would give fake charges one after another stopping about 40' from the truck. anyway we take the wife out to see the lion, knowing just what was going to happen - she is in the back of the truck with the trackers and her camera. short of it - she ends up in the bottom of the truck, few blurry pictures while diving, unappreciated laughter and probably a similar result tow hat you got
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Several years ago I was helping a friend work his booth at the Austin Gun Show. This old man came up with a couple just wanting info. Seems his father was on a work project at the turn of the century when they were dredging + rerouting the Colorado River around Austin.The guys could keep whatever they found. This guy had a 1847
Walker ser.# 427,still loaded,grips rotted away. If items could tell their story.

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