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Pre-War 70 Supergrade value
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I have a Model 70 built in 1946. It is a 30-06. It has the clover leaf tang and Pre-war style safety as would be expected. Bolt handle is polished bright and the stock has seen some rough treatment over the years. Metal is decent but not perfect of course. Stock has also been cut and a pad added. So obviously this one will not make collector grade. Do these earlier rifles in this condition still carry a premium? I have heard that the early guns had better machining. I am trying to decide what to do with this one. Use for a custom build or does that offend the Winchester Gods? Move it along to someone else perhaps? Thanks, JB
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I just love sticking my neck out to value someone else's gun that I have not seen. IMO your gun only has value for the action, stock is worth something to one in need, but not much as described. Pre-war actions tend to bring a small premium, maybe $100-200, talking action price only. Prices are pretty soft, so I would hazard that your action is worth $400-600. I don't think being a Super Grade makes a significant difference since we're talking parts.
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That is about what I was thinking as well. I just didn't want to be missing something. Thanks for the input. JB
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