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I am going after Caribou in October, and am thinking about bringing my bow as well as a rifle.
I have never killed anything with my bow before, and have only had it about 5 months.
I was hitting a 6" shoot-n-see target patch at 40 yds this evening, after moving my pin from 30yds to 40 yds, but when I set another pin to 20 yds, the sight is too "cluttered" and obscures the target.
I have 2 questions,
Is the general concensus that a hind sight is best with one pin set at "mid range", and just holding over (like I"ve been doing) for anything further,
and second,
How does a 60# bow with 100 grain broadheads(G5"s) sound for Caribou? Do I need to get heavier heads, or will my 60# bow do ok with 100"s?
input and opinions appreciated.
good shooting
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rather than one pin and just holding over or under , why don't you go with an adjustable single pin sight that can be calibrated for different yardages. HHA makes one that will suit this application , there are several others on the market also.
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I agree with Smoke about a sliding sight. I like mine by Vital-Gear very much.

100 grainers should do quite well on the end of the appropriate arrow. Carbon Force 200s will probably fly nicely and still carry plenty of energy downrange. Opting for a heavier arrow may give you more confidence, but the 200 is plenty especially if you want to take longer shots.
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IMHO, going on an "away" hunt with a piece of new unproven equipment is hunting with a monkey on your back. And if you've never killed a caribou before that's two monkeys.

To directly answer your question, I'd go with pins learn them well and invest in a good rangefinder.
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I don"t like the idea of the 2 monkeys!
I do have a range finder, and I am using it to set my sights on a deer silluette target.
I will try again with just 2 pins, one at 15 yds, and one at 40. I tried 20 and forty, but I can only see the target in good light. Once the light gets dull at all the pins are too bright and I cant focus on the target. I was doing ok with one pin at 30 yds, but the hold over/under gets more like guesswork without a pin for that distance.
As for "unproven" equipment, I have to start somewhere! I have shot hundreds of deer(both wild and farmed) with rifles, I can shoot to a reasonable standard with my bow, so why not?
I know it"s not the same, but I have saw some dvd"s where guys have shot Caribou with rifles at 40 yds while the Boo just stood looking at them. At that range, with a Boo looking at me, I"d feel like I had cheated both the Boo and myself if I shot it with a rifle.
I have"nt decided yet.......
good hunting
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I too recommend a sliding, single pin sight. Your sight picture is not cluttered by the other pins, and adjustment is easy. Sure, you may need to change the setting, but like a variable power scope, set it low (25 - 30 yds.) and adjust if necessary. With practice you will find a sweet spot and hold high or low as the shot distance dictates. In low light, if I can see the sight pin, fine. If not I just make the circular peep sight and the body of the sight concentric, around the spot on the animal I want to hit. Just my opinion, but it sure works for me.

Best of luck on your hunt,

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I"ve cracked it!
One pin set for 40 yds, one for 15.
To shoot at 30yds, aim low with the 40yd pin, and put the 15 yd pin on the target. With the 40 pin in the hind sight, look over the hind sight and aim with the 15 yd pin. It sounds complicated, but it"s pretty easy. I just shot some graet groups at 40,30 and 15(I was using some new arrows I just made up which helped )
I don"t doubt that the single pin is a good job, but I"ve found a system that works, and I don"t want to have to buy anything else just at the moment.
good shooting
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I too like one pin. I used to fill the sight with pins and it just seemed to cluttered.

My bow shoots just over 300fps with 100 grn heads on GT 5575 arrows which gives a pretty flat trajectory. I set my pin at 25 yards. Anything closer is within a couple inches and at 30 I'm just a couple inches low. At 40 (Too far for my liking on game), I just aim about 1 foot high.

I see the need for more pins if you shoot long distances but, for 30 and below one pin works great.

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