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one of us
I can see where you are coming from. You will use muscles to pull a bow that you never use for anything else. The only solution is to practice a lot. I am 67 and shoot 82# and a friend came over that is a fitness trainer at Golds gym. He could not budge the string and was amazed that he could not pull it. I had to explain it too him.
You will advance very quickly and have to increase the weight for a better hunting bow. Never give up and you will really enjoy archery.
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one of us
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Yes, you are right, i can feel a difference already. Can also tell when to quit because if you force yourself to shoot when you're tired, it just develops bad habits. It's hard to put the bow down though, because it is so fun. I just wish i'd started this sooner.

Congratulations on being in such great shape! Being able to even pull back 82 lbs is great let alone to shoot that weight. A lot of those big young fellas coming into the shop the other day were shooting 60-70 lbs. The bow pro (? word?) said most people tend to start too high because it's an ego thing. They want to start out high, whereas you probably worked your way up to the 82 lbs.

I'm hoping to move up to my bow's maximim pull by the middle of next month if this is possible. I read that a bow functions best when set at the maximum pull.

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