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We lost a great archer and a fine man -- Dwight Schuh

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06 February 2019, 18:42
We lost a great archer and a fine man -- Dwight Schuh
I met Dwight in the mid-1970s at the School of Journalism at the University of Oregon. We had a magazine editing class together, and when he found out that I, too, loved to hunt, we had an immediate bond. He was a really good, decent man in addition to being one heck of an archer -- and a very fine writer and editor.
My prayer is that he is sitting at a campfire with Fred Bear, Howard Hill, Saxton Pope, Art Young -- and Ishi -- talking tackle and tactics.

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– John Green, author
07 February 2019, 03:13
An unmeasurable loss for his family, and bowhunting. He was a great family man and the model of integrity. He’ll be sorely missed.
07 February 2019, 03:41
I enjoyed his TV show

Don't Ever Book a Hunt with Jeff Blair

07 February 2019, 20:05
Never met him but liked his writing.
Never heard a negative word about him, but lots of praise for being a humble and family man.

NRA Patron member
08 February 2019, 20:33
Grew up reading his articles. He inspired a lot of guys my age. Jim Dougherty was another great bowhunter we lost a few years back to cancer.
09 February 2019, 12:59
Never actually met the man face to face but I marketed some of his packs through a local video store where I lived at the time. They were actually built buy a guy a couple miles away from me. I had to talk with Dwight on the phone with my plan that he agreed to. I still have one of his early "Schuh packs".

Dwight was also one of the early pioneers of Bowhunting videos and very involved in the Pope & Young club.

Rest in peace sir. archer

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- Glen St Charles

*we band of 45-70ers*
11 February 2019, 07:40
R. I. P. !!!
28 February 2019, 00:21
2th doc
Dwight was with me when I killed my first archery bull elk a 6x6 scored 310 pts in Wyo.
He could change a truck engine with his Leatherman. An that was after he finished a marathon race!
Great guy! He will be missed sorely.
01 March 2019, 02:58

Anyway it matters not, because my experience always has been that of---- a loss of snot and enamel on both sides of the 458 Win----
20 August 2019, 00:52
For fans of Dwight RMEF has re released ELK Fever 1 and 2, and followed it up with Elk Fever 3 which was filmed just before Dwight passed away.

1 and 2 are some vintage hunting video and gear and #3 captures the heart of a hunter.

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24 August 2019, 23:59
jens poulsen
I think I have missed something here. I have read lots of archery magazines in the mid 80 to late 90s. Somehow I haven't came across Dwights articals.

Thanks for sharing Bill. It seems Dwight was a natural in archery. Maybe he now has rejoined the other pioneers of archery for another hunt.

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