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Re: Scent-A-Way take
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I do believe there is something to the anti-UV soap products.

Several years a go I was scouting pre-season. I took a break, sat down out of the wind, light up a cigar & had a cup of coffee. About 1/2 way through the cigar I hear those fimalar footsteps....I turned to see a 8pter. just out of velvet walking up behind be, with wind at his back. So I'm sitting there no camo, no scent blockers, smelling of hiking with a day pack, smoking a cigar & drinking coffee with an adult buck 10yrds away.

I feel if you use Ivory soap, layer your cloths as you hike out and play the winf you don't need all that scent tech.

Good luck
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one of us
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Luck is definitely part of it. I came across a kid in street clothes one year who had shot a very nice 8-point... in the ass... presumambly with one of his assortment of aluminum arrows and heads. I mean he had everything in his quiver from 2216s on down with fixed heads to expandables.

He hit an artery and the buck bled to death.

I give him credit that he tracked it about a half mile.

It was the same kid who pushed me a herd of does a week earlier as he stalked across a field blowing some strange tune on a grunt tube.

I enjoyed his story as we dragged the buck to the road.

Only professional 17 year-old hunter I ever met.
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Buying into the scent-free hype, i spent 19.99 on one of those deer hunting scent-free kits from Walmart. It has or had, rather, laundry detergent, woodsey dryer sheets, underarm deodorant, and antibacterial body soap. Oh, also a big zipper loc bag to store your clothes in.

The laundry detergent just didn't last long at all. Specially now that it's getting colder, have to wear more clothes, double that because of my husband, and that's a lot of clothes. Besides the hunting clothes there's still two loads, because you have to do the white underwear separate. So, after a week, i was out of detergent and ended up buying Cheer Free and Clear. Hypo allergenic and dermatologist recommended, no perfumes added. There is a slight smell, but it is a lardy smell same as that e$pensive hunter stuff.

The Scent-A-Way deodorant: Using this product, i've smelled myself for the first time in years. A nasty, locker room odor. It may be scentless, but it doesn't keep you from sweating. Normally i dont sweat much, except for when putting on a bunch of heavy clothes and climbing 3/4 mile up a vertical hill. That product is completely useless. A piece of chalk is scentless, too, might as well rub that under your arm. I'm going back to Degree, that stuff completely closes off the pores and nothing escapes.

Scentless soap. That sure doesn't last long. So i went to the bow shop the other day for yet another bar. The salesman does a great job he showed me every deer hunting aid they had. He sold me a grunt call and he almost had me talked into that 37.00 a bottle buck lure that looks like it's packaged in a miniature whiskey bottle. But still that's a lot of money for a bottle of pee; i told him i'd think about it, where was the soap? So he shows me the soap and tells me how he likes it so much that he uses it ALL YEAR ROUND. Okay, i'm thinking i'll buy one bar. But i'm not buying the line that anyone would choose to use 4.99-a-bar soap all year round. I mean why would he use that in the off season? Let's see, 12 bars of Zest for 4.99 or one bar of unscented hunters soap. That clued me not to be gullible so i didnt buy the 37.00 deer lure. Just the soap and the grunt call.

Woodsey dryer sheets: I love the smell when you open the dryer. But the smell doesn't last after you take them out of the dryer. I bought some more anyway, just to enjoy opening up the dryer.

Zip loc clothes storage bag: The zipper came off within a week. Had to resort to a garbage bag and twist tie.

Conclusion: These scentless products can bleed you centless, so use your own common sense.

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You can get All unscented detergent among others. For deoderant, I use Speed Stick unscented or Arm&Hammer unscented, they work a heck of alot longer than that junk you were talkin' about(Scent-a-way). You can also use baking soda for washing clothes and Arm&Hammer has toothpaste that is not minty. I definitely agree w/ drying close outside if you have enough time, it will help them to last longer and air out better.

Now, one thing that I strongly believe in is the Scent Away spray, I use probably 1.5 gallons a year. Sometimes after hunting season is over you can find the spray on sale, I bought a gallon in the spring for 16 dollars.

One thing you have to remeber is that these products don't work alone, you have to combine them all. You can't use irish spring soap and tide detergent and then spray alittle scent-a-way on & think your scent free.

It is an anal process but, it will make you a much more successful hunter.

Good Luck!

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