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Re: Inserts?
one of us
Derf, I'm using mechanicals.

bfrshooter, I'm sorry . I was speaking tongue in cheek. I'm the one who's veering. The bow is fine.
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one of us
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Lets get back to the penetration issue. Those light, fast arrows have to be placed exactly in the ribcage----no bones or quartering shots will work because the toothpick arrow will stop instantly. (Can any of you guarantee that a deer will stand still until hit?) I don't care if you get over 300 fps. ARROW WEIGHT, NOT SPEED IS WHAT MAKES ARROWS OR BULLETS PENETRATE. You MUST get out of the 3D mindset and into the hunting mindset. There is nothing better then a heavy aluminum arrow for any kind of hunting other then small game. All of you can rant and rave about how good these toothpicks are, but the fact is that more deer have been lost to them since archery was invented. I will never understand why speed is so important to all of you for hunting. With laser rangfinders and the fact that the bow is and always will be a short range weapon, you do not gain with light arrows and speed! This mindset is hurting the better hunters because the demand for lighter arrows is making it hard to buy heavy arrows.
If you are a target shooter, then shoot the blazing fast stuff. But when you hunt, put that bow away and get out a real hunting bow with real hunting arrows.
Yeah, I expect a lot of flack, but I bet the real hunters will chime in here also. I have taken more deer then all of you put together and I know what works.
The guys that think otherwise are most likely the ones that will vote for Kerry because commycrats do not want to hear the other side of any issue. GOT YOU, DIDN'T I?
OK, I am open to arguments.
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