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Left hand youth bow?
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My 11 year old son has expressed some interest in trying to learn how to shoot a bow. I would like to get him started with something he can grow with. He is a big kid for his age, but still has plenty of growing to do.
Does anyone have any recommendations on a left handed youth bow. I plan on taking him to the bow shop with me, but I would like to hear from someone who isn’t trying to sell me something.
Thanks in advance.
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I am a lefty bowhunter. My initial response is look for a recurve. He can continue to shoot the same bow as he grows. He will need to develop good mechanics/technique.

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We started our daughter out with a Diamond Infinite Edge....

Its adjustable from 5-70lbs and the DL is adjustable from 13"-31" (a kid can grow with it).. They are reasonably efficient, pretty lightweight (a little over 3lbs), and you can get one loaded with all the accessories you need to go straight to the range for about $350 out the door at Cabelas (I think we paid $299 for my daughters when they were on sale)...

Its been a great starter bow for her...

The local Cabelas always has at least 2 or 3 leftys on the rack as well..
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Gave my granddaughter a Genesis for Christmas. So far, it is working out well.
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If this could turn into a hunting bow, i second the Diamond infinite edge.

once he gets older and if he's still into it and can draw some weight (60+), at a height that will probably be close to his final height; then consider a better bow. the bows that are super adjustable are great, but not as good as an "adult" bow.

if he is to hunt with it, i would also get him some lessons on proper form, and start him early with a release, kisser, peep, sight, etc...

it is easy to teach good habits, it is difficult to un-learn bad ones.
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Thank you for the replies. I can only hope that he will pursue hunting with me, although I will not push it on him. I will look more into the Diamond bow mentioned. Maybe we will take a drive to the Cabela’s in Buffalo and see what they have.
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Craig Ekin at Howard Hill Archery will make a beautiful custom youth American longbow at a very affordable price, left-handed, choice of timbers, etc. He can work with you to size it to grow with. I got one for my son last Christmas.
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