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Re: Shoulder Injuries
one of us

Just noticed your post ... sorry to hear about the pull. Darned discouraging.

Obviously, you should see the Doc and get some profesional advice. Way too much at stake to fool around with!

As I'm getting older I started doing a little light weight work last year after finding that I could not pull the bow after climbing into the stand on a cold wet morning.

Started very cautiously. Helped a lot. I use the bow to control the number of does around and to cull young bucks with lousy horn. Have tagged out already ... three in the freezer. Fortunately gun season starts in 10 days so the season is not over.

Take good care of yourself!
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one of us
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Ann - Sorry to hear of your injury.

I just have to ask you this. Last year you were looking for info on weight training to go up in bow wt. I had suggested a few exersizes ie. using the cable cross-over machine. Did you ever get on a wt. training program?

Right now, see a shoulder Doc. and do what your told, little missy!!! Recovery is going to take time. After rehad, I'd be happy to help you with a wt. training program.
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