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An arrow and fletching ??
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First question is: Do any of you use "Carbon Expess Maxima Hunter" arrows? If so, you like 'em?

The next question I got is on "helical" and which way, looking from knock, works better, going towards the tip clockwise or counterclockwise?

Thanks again folks! beer



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It does not really matter what way you do the helical - what does matter is the helical when you have a broadhead on the front of your arrow. Broadheads such as the Steelhead and Hammerheads are offset left to right - (the top is set left and angles down to the right) - in this case your flecthing must do the same.

So, going towards the tip, clockwise.
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Years ago when all we had was feathers, all you could do was a left helical. The reason was that all the arrow makers had right helical tools and bought all the right feathers.
Other then matching certain broadheads, there is no difference in how they shoot.
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