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I shot my first elk Tuesday night with a bow. I made a perfect heart shot with a 100gr Montec that passed clean through. The elk went 50 yards, laided down/colapsed but then took 15 minutes to expire. Is that normal? When I cleaned her the broadhead went straight through the heart. Her chest cavity was filled with blood.
I would have figured she'd live a couple of minutes or even seconds not 15 minutes!

Is this the norm with an animal of that size?

I bought some Magnus Buzzcuts yesterday thinking a more jagged wound may bleed out faster. I prefer cut on contact for the penetration. I have never had a problem with the Montecs and dont really see this as a broadhead problem just trying to be as lethal as possible.


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I don't think the serrated blade will bleed better. I have heard of the serrations catching hair and impeding penetration.

I shot a young bull elk last year. The arrow penetrated his heart. He took three steps then started to fall - caught himself momentarily then went backwards over a cliff.

Animals vary widely. If your cow had a lot of adrenaline going then that might explain what happened. Maybe she laid down in a manner that put pressure on the wound. In any case, most heart shot animals live less than 2 minutes.

Congrats on your elk!


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