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1st Elk Hunt- Chama
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My Son and I made our first elk hunt this past September. My son-in-law and buddy made the trip with us, our first for all.
We hunted with Milligan Brand Outfitter.
On the fifth morning we found a bull rounding up a few cows in a meadow below us. As the headed up the far side we took off and after about a mile or so we started our climb to get ahead of them. We popped into a small clearing and after one cow call the bull let loose..and he was close!
The guide headed down a trail away from the bull and my son and I set up. We could hear the bull growling and walking in the rocks and hear his rack hitting the limbs as he walked out into the clearing.
I drew and settled my pin behind his shoulder 20 yards away......hoping my son would release soon! As I started to put pressure on my release his arrow whacked him right where my pin was setting!
After 125 yards there he was. We had a great trip even though the weather was warm and wet. I did catch a nice little rainbow out of a pound on the outfitters property when we stopped to look at his fishing camp and the mounts in it. [URL=[ [/URL] [URL= ][/URL]
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Congrats on the elk.
Nice trout as well.

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