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Re: Bow Hunting
one of us
I hunt with a crossbow I really like it give it a try if
your shoulder bothers you might have trouble cooking a crossbow but there a few aides to make it easier they
range from small winches to small pulleys hooked through
a rope (my choise) I have an excaliber xomag I wouldn't
trade it. its a recurve crossbow (no pulleys) its
bigger than a compound crossbow no tuning necessary easier to restring but harder to cock I killed an elk with it
last week great hunt
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one of us
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Bruce, 9.3 is pretty accurate with his remarks except that his prices seem to be American,sort of. I was looking at a brand new Hoyt and with all the trimmings it was $399.99 here on the coast. I picked up a slightly used Mathews for $400 but had all of the other parts. I too have shoulder problems and you might recall from our emails that we are of a similar age and background.
I started shooting again just this spring with a bow borrowed from my sister. It is a Hoyt-mate and set at 30 pounds for 3D and targets. Since she shot fingers and without sights, I aquired all of the other parts that 9.3 mentioned.
My Mathews is a 60 to 70 and even at 58lbs. I am haveing a bit of trouble getting used to it. So,as 9.3 said 40 to 50 will probably do it for you.
If you have to go the crossbow route, do not let the naysayers put you off. They are legal,effective and just as hard to use as a compound. Hope it all goes your way too! derf
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one of us
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Thanks everybody very much.

Any more?
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one of us
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I had nerve damage in my right shoulder a couple of years ago, and with a lot of therapy got back to being able to shoot 62# before an African trip last year. I tried shooting a left hand bow the other day, and I found that I could draw the same weight with my left hand easily. Maybe you could try to shoot left handed and get rid of the stress on your shoulder.
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