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17 January 2021, 04:19
Aspen Hill Adventures
Alright, Guys, I am not much of a baker but now and then I like something sweet so I usually make a pie of some sort. Something you might not know that is a pretty good product is this brand of pie crust mix. Very simple to use and EASY plus it actually tastes good.

I claim no artistic ability with pies and they often look pretty bad but I still like them once the slice is covered with some vanilla ice cream. Smiler What I made here was a cherry berry pie. Canned store cherries with (my) farm grown raspberries and foraged gooseberries. I also add some butter pats and real vanilla. Pretty tasty.


17 January 2021, 08:53
Ann, congrats on your lattice crust. Only anyone who has done it can appreciate your efforts. I watched my Grandmother years ago do hers but I never had the patience. Nice looking pie!

Never mistake motion for action.
17 January 2021, 19:16
Aspen Hill Adventures
That was my first lattice. It was not hard to do. I laid out one layer all the way across the top of the pie then took the cross strips and laid them out one at a time and just picked up the first row strip to weave. Sounds complicated but it wasn't.


18 January 2021, 08:52
As in all things, nothing is complicated, when you know how to do it. In my metal business, there is a great call to use the math to transition square or rectangle areas into circles. Once again, no biggy if you know how to do it, but magic to the uninformed. Even for a 1st attempt at a lattice crust, I think it came out looking just fine! tu2

Never mistake motion for action.
18 January 2021, 20:54
Aspen Hill Adventures
LOL, I can assure you no math was needed to do this.



19 January 2021, 08:42
Use Enough Gun
Outstanding Ann! Wow, cherries with home grown raspberries and foraged gooseberries sounds heavenly. Add the vanilla ice cream and it has to be to die for! tu2
19 January 2021, 16:30
Ann, I'll bet that lovely pie is just as delicious as it is gorgeous. I am so impressed with your lattice top!

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– John Green, author
20 January 2021, 05:33
That's a great looking pie, Ann.
You did a wonderful job.

I know folks who swear by that Jiffy crust mix.
While none of them are French Pastry Chefs, they all make great pies!

Doug Wilhelmi
NRA Life Member

20 January 2021, 19:40
Eww! Who cut the pie?