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price check for reloading presses

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04 August 2019, 09:19
price check for reloading presses
I have two used Ponsness Warren presses in 12 and 20 gauge was wondering what a fair price to ask for them is. Both are in good shape.
04 August 2019, 22:41
depending on which ones you have [and their condition,the bushings you have, any upgrades etc.]
the 800-900-950-1000 or the old single stage 375.

your looking at 3-500$,,, shipping is a killer.
the 375's go for less.
but seem to be desired by guy's that have other ponsess presses.
07 August 2019, 19:32
I had three PW presses-one each set up for 12, 20, and 28. The 12 & 20 were 950's, the 28 was a 1000. My loading room got crowded so I sold them all and bought a Spolar. Lamar is spot on about what they are worth. Shipping is a killer because they are heavy and unless you still have the original shipping box you will need to build a wooden crate to ship them. I sold one on AR and two on GunBroker. Unless you have the original shipping boxes or enjoy building crates if you can net 350-400 apiece for them I would grab it and run.

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16 August 2019, 11:02
thanks for the info, ill see if I can sell them locally