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Paradox loading for 12 gauge 2.75-inch plastic cartrdges?

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12 July 2018, 04:14
Paradox loading for 12 gauge 2.75-inch plastic cartrdges?
Having acquired my first shotgun in more than a generation, I am interested in either buying ammunition, or handloading solid projectiles into roll crimped or star crimped 12 gauge 2.75-inch cases. While I refer to this ammunition as "Paradox," that's a mislabeling. Paradox ammunition had its projectile-loaded all-brass cases much longer than a conventional 12 gauge 2.75-inch roll- or star-crimped cartridge. I refer to bulleted 12 gauge 2.75-inch overall length cartridges. I am specifically ruling out any version that uses a sabot with reduced diameter projectile. I am ruling out conventional 12 gauge projectiles with its extreme hollow base. I am interested only in projectiles that are in the .715-inch through .735-inch range - about 12 gauge's bore size, more or less.

A - What commercial manufacturer offers such 2.75-inch ammunition?

B - Has any of you created handloaded ammunition similar to what I seek? If you have, please describe it in detail.

C - Has any of the cartridges identified or described in "A" or "B" been fired in fully rifled barrels rather than the 2-3 inches of rifling of a Paradox barrel?

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13 July 2018, 13:46
jens poulsen
Interesting questions.

What shot gun will you make up to a rifle (doublerifle ?) in 12bore?..

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14 July 2018, 03:05

Here is the H&H load.
16 July 2018, 03:38
Wow! Worthwhile replies. Many thanks, guys. The shotgun is a nearly new Winchester Model 97. Despite its complexity when compared with currently made pump shotguns, it has a record of being exceptionally reliable. Its locking system is among the most durable of all shotguns. I selected it because it has an exposed hammer that has a half-cock quick safety. I also had its firing pin assembly changed. Its firing pin now rests away from a loaded cartridge's primer, so "hammer down" on live cartridge is as safe as that situation with a Colt Model 1911 pistol.

The slug appears to be remarkably similar to my custom conical for my .72-caliber English-style muzzleloading rifles. Mine has two large lubrication slots and weighs 775 grains at 30:1 casting mix. Its obvious potential problems are its three-diameters that taper to improve muzzleloading - from top-to-bottom .731inch ending at .725 inch. With your recommendation I'll pick up some and try my conicals as well.

It's so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and then don't say it. Sam Levinson
15 March 2019, 23:33
Tim Carney
I have used plastic cases for my 12 gauge choke-rifled Cogswell&Harrison Cosmos. Had acquired a Paradox tool that effectively crimps the plastic case into the waist of a Fosberry projectile of .735 in. in diameter and 740 grains weight. No problem assembling cartridges, but could not get the barrels to regulate. Believe I used Longshot powder.

Have sent emails to serious smiths to see if they are willing to work at regulating the Coggie for modern H&H paradox rounds.

03 April 2019, 01:47
Jim M.
Chapter 14: Paradox guns- Shooting the British Double Rifle by Graeme Wright details hand loading for the Paradox and shooting results.
Excellent info.