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my wife is a professional seamstress. I've talked to her about sewing me a set of merino wool base layer top and bottom. When purchasing top end merino wool fabric, have any of you done this yourself or had a friend/family member do it for you and was there significant savings? thank you
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I thought about it but there is so much and many brands of good hi-tec clothing out there.

It is not worth the time or effort.

I go to the used clothing stores and buy.

I have found like new hi-tec base layers for pennies on the dollar.

My wife told me to stop buying them as I have to much.

But it is hard to pass up on a 50 to 80 dollar shirt for 3 bucks.
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Wool beats most any material in cold wet weather. Ive yet to find a new material that actually beats or comes close to wool, regardless of claims..Give me wool and down combined..Yes I know down is not good when wet, but unless your on the water its not a problem, both dry fast btw..breathable rain gear should be taken with you at all times anyway..but its hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

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