Cerakote plus Vinyl camouflage.
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I have a couple of water fowling guns that came in black metal finish, and black, or charcoal colored plastic furniture. Mossy Oak makes outstanding vinyl peel off, and press on camouflage. Rather than applying the vinyl over worn metal, and rough finished polymer I want better substrates for the camouflage jobs, and want to make the bolts (& carriers) to be slick, and well protected. The wonder product will be Midnight Black, an oven cure finish for the metal. It flows on only 0.0005" thick, lubrous as Teflon, and harder than woodpecker lips. Especially nice for moving bolt and carrier parts. One of the standard heat cure 0.001" thick coatings will go on the gun's stock and fore end furniture.
So, the gun will be well protected, inside and out. It will have an excellent substrate for applying the Vinyl camouflage onto. Almost all semi-automatic shotguns benefit from replacing their recoil spring tubes, with an all stainless steel unit from SRM (Sure Cycle). much heat is needed to melt the thread locking compound from where the recoil spring tube attaches to the shotgun. After the old tube is removed, and before installing the SRM, is a good time to remove the magazine tube from the front lower end of the receiver. It takes enough heat to melt the thread locker, and release much smoke before un-threading the magazine tube. Coat or have the coating done before heating the receiver, and barrel. Use a standard H-series dark charcoal, or black coating to the furniture. Once the new Cerakote finishes have cured, apply the vinyl camouflage kits. With good technique (see the Mossy Oak video), the vinyl will last for seven years in good shape. Then repeat the application. My perennial favorite for waterfowl is Mossy Oak Shadow Grass. I like plain back for a turkey gun.
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