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Long range shooting technique
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I was thinking about this subject this morning during my run. I gong shoot at 500 yard every Wed at noon, which is the best I can do until the Forest Service lifts the shooting ban due to fire danger. In the middle of the day the wind is generally doing something. My goal at this range is to hit my 2.75 inch aiming square (.55 MOA) with the first shot. In order to do this, you have really got to watch the wind. Hitting a 10 inch circle at 500 is a piece of cake; you can get sloppy with the wind and still hit it. The other thing this drill teaches me is the value of high BC bullets at reasonably fast velocities. Last Wed a guy was shooting an AR with 77 grain bullets. He said he was holding 2 to 3 MOA for wind. I was shooting a Lapua with 285 ELDs and a SAUM with 190 Bergers. The most I held for wind was 1/2 MOA. My .308 Win shooting 180 SSTs at 2750 requires 1.8 MOA in a wind the Lapua (or RUM etc) requires .5.

Be interesting to see how well I do at 800 and 1200 once the ban is lifted.

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From where can I get training for long-range shooting in SC?
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