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Avoid deer in scissor deadfall for fox

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31 December 2020, 02:05
Avoid deer in scissor deadfall for fox
Well, I guess the header says it all. I’m building a scissor deadfall trap for fox, but I starting to worry that deer might enter the trap. Is there any tips to avoid this? I really do not want that to happen.
31 December 2020, 09:36
Maybe a scent to attract fox?

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31 December 2020, 15:39
That is the plan, but I do not think that will stop the deer. My first idea was to put the entrance, so it will be awkward for the deer to bend its neck in. But then I was thinking that I do not really know what the deer find uncomfortable.
31 December 2020, 21:53
Aspen Hill Adventures
Why not set a snare for the fox? Put a cross timber just above the snare to force deer to step over it. Fox goes under and through the snare. I had lots of success with this method. Never got any deer.


01 January 2021, 05:03
It is illegal to trap fox with snare where I live. Which is why I’m thinking deadfall.
01 January 2021, 05:09
Aspen Hill Adventures
Originally posted by aresm:
It is illegal to trap fox with snare where I live. Which is why I’m thinking deadfall.

Wow, well, that's a bummer.


01 January 2021, 17:41
p dog shooter
If you are building a dead fall big enough for a deer to get killed.

It way bigger then needed for fox.

No.2 sized leg hold traps work great for fox
03 January 2021, 01:13
No, it will not kill a deer, but it may be stuck, and eventually die. Which is highly unwanted, for obvious reasons.
19 January 2021, 22:11
Deer are always an issue at the trap site. They seem to be very curious animals and usually trip most of the flat sets and a few dirt holes that I place. I have only caught a few fox so I am no expert but I would get a MB550 and set that up as a dirt hole. Deer cant get trapped and it is much more natural looking then something as big and clunky as as a deadfall, meaning a greater chance of success.

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28 January 2021, 21:47
Switch to a smaller deadfall with figure 4 sticks and meat bait.

All We Know Is All We Are
15 February 2021, 20:29
I've got deer in a snare before, even with the stick above like Ann said. And like the Canadian said, some deer are going to nose under.

However, a deer in a snare is like the cartoon Tazmanian Devil, a minute or so of those gyrations will throw any log of 50 lbs or so off. Set the old timey deadfall if you are able to. A doe with broken legs from a car, threw my 90 lb Son off before he could get his penknife out. I envy your use of deadfalls.
28 February 2021, 04:45
Im with the Canaddian and have used steel traps tp get fox, dig a cave to fit a fox or a hole at an angle and set the trap backi] in aways, You will get a skunk or coon now and then..

Or tie a bird feather up about 2 ft. high where it will flutter in then wind and a #2 trap covered under the feather and set your trap where deer won't get in it, both work but keep in mind a trap has no prejucice towards skunks, coyotes, bobcats, ringtails or Lynx, no such thing as a fox trap, just a varmint set..

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