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I know many of you are reluctant to post images. To try and help I've made several tutorials and how-to's for AR (the links here are to the how-to posts):

1. imgur The how-to includes a 7-minute video tutorial made in June of 2017. I've had no problems using from Windows computers and it has some powerful features. But the interface isn't always as easy to navigate as I'd like when I'm trying to create a new album and add photos to it. Also, imgur's terms of service are a little ambiguous - last time I read them, it sounds like they don't allow direct linking, but the interface has very clear support for it. As far as I can tell, there is no good way to use the imgur app to post photos from your phone or tablet. Presumably you should be able to use your phone web browser to do this, though.

2. Google photos Using Google Photos is free, but this type of linking requires a free 3rd-party service. However, I was able to post photos from my phone, easily on the first try.

3. Bobby Tomek suggested this one and I've tried it enough to post some photos. It seems to be pretty easy to use. I think I'd recommend this one if you just want to post a photo or two quickly or are particularly technology adverse. Also, it worked easily with my Android phone, using the Chrome browser. The website is phone-compatible and the procedure is very similar to what's described in the post. I haven't created a login and can't tell you about more advanced features, if any.

4. Finally, embedding YouTube videos in an AR forum post is covered here. I've only tried this from a Windows machine, not a phone.

As of July 2019, I think I'd recommend if you think posting images is hard and want an easy solution. might have more features if you don't mind a more complex interface.

I hope this encourages some reluctant members to give it a try.

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Thank you very much. Smiler
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