Winchester 52 sporter and Kimber Custom Match
one of us
Stumbled on an estate auction, Pearce Auctions, Alabaster, Alabama that has one each of these guns up for bid. Both rifles were engraved by the late Ralph Bone, to include some tasteful 22k gold “krugerrand”, animals and trim.
Mr Bobe was a founding member of the FEGA, here in the USA.
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one of us
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Both those rifles looked wonderful. The wood was exceptional as was the engraving. There's going to be a couple happy guys at Christmas!

Edward Lundberg
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one of us
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They were nice. The custom match hit about where I thought it would but the 52 went a little low. Difference in mind set of the potential buyers I guess. I’ve never seen a prettier 52 that the one sold. Dad never intended to sell either one that’s why he personalized both thru the engraving and the gold.
52 guys have a little more starch to them and search for original guns as manufactured. The Kimber guys are a little more open minded.
I’ve seen a plain sporter, nice but plain go in the $3500 range. This one had more than exceptional wood, correct factory peep, as originally ordered and it was Never shot and I believe it wasn’t as told by my dad. He bought the gun new/retailed from Aeromarine in Birmingham, Alabama before I was born. I’m 54 now. The story goes it was lost or overlooked in the jobbers wharehouse for years till it got delivered to another gun shop that went out of business and sold its inventory to Aeromarine. Dad was friends with the owner and bought enough guns that when a pretty one came in he might like, it usually got set aside till he showed up or he got a called.
Damn shame, he left his whole collection to his grandsons, stipulating nothing was to sold until they reached 21 and only then to finance an education.
Good heart and good intentions but too many with their hand out so not real sure where everything’s gonna fall yet.
Appreciate everyone looking and if you know anyone who may have purchased one of the guns, tell them to contact me here. I probably can provide a colorful story or two about it.
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