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Cast in a Bolt Gun

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13 December 2020, 21:10
Alec Torres
Cast in a Bolt Gun
I reccommend the following book for reference:

Gunfitting: The Quest for Perfection for Shotguns and Rifles Hardcover – Illustrated, November 6, 2006

by Michael Yardley

Available on Amazon.
14 December 2020, 07:03
Bill Leeper
I shoot left handed and, when I build a stock for myself, it is cast.....Off, dammit. I know I'm supposed to call it cast on but it just feels too wrong.
It's just like on a forest service road I travel often. The sign says I'm supposed to call "up" on the radio. The thing is, I'm headed downstream, down hill, and south. I just can't bring myself to say up so I say south. Same thing with the stock. I can call it whatever but, in my mind it is cast off.
On my silhouette stocks, I make them with the toe out, quite a lot. Otherwise, I cant the rifle. It feels more comfortable and I can hold better with the stock fitting right. Sadly, I still can't shoot for shit but at least, I'm missing comfortably.
For hunting rifles, I build the stock straight but cheat on the pad grind to toe it out. That way, if I decide to lose my ass selling the rifle (I've never made money in my life), I can just just put another pad on and have a straight, fit-'em-all, stock. Regards, Bill.