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TRUTH......The Vietnam War
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It is 180 for sure. When my son came back on leave in 02 I took him out + wearing his class As he couldn't buy his own drink + when we went to Wal-Mart to shop there were so many people wanting to just shake his hand + thank him. different times.

Never mistake motion for action.
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I am the son of a WWII vet (Aleutian campaign) and I have 2 older brothers who were draft eligible for Viet Nam. They BOTH lucked out and didn't have to serve, but many of their friends were Nam vets, the real heroes didn't make it home..
You know, I agree with a lot of the posts here that the anti-war vocal minority were the only ones who really got the media coverage in those days and that is a very sad and unfortunate circumstance. The part that really got me about those hippy A-Holes was how they directed their angst toward the veterans instead of the politicians who got us into the mess in the first place (isn't that always the case?).

Personally, since many of my brothers friends who returned from Viet Nam were also defecto friends of mine, I never had anything but great reverence and respect for ALL the men and women who served in Viet Nam. Honestly, I do think that most of the "real" American public felt the same way I did, it's just that they never got the microphone to be able to say it louder than shouting volume.

Nam vets hold a special place in my heart. It's sad to see so many of them still hurting, even to this day. But if it's any consolation, YOU ALL ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST! Always have been! And, I ain't alone in that assessment!
Don't forget it.
I think that this new brand of American patriotism and increased respect for veterans of today, will trickle-down those 'Nam vets too. That is my hope anyway...
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