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23 January 2021, 10:24
Cool As to the upcoming humor, You must admit that the scene is ripe for humor concerning ding dong + ho ho. Thanks + keep it up!

Never mistake motion for action.
26 January 2021, 05:35
Anyone know what happened to the site?
26 January 2021, 06:33
Not a clue. A friend just texted me about it. I got an error message.
28 January 2021, 05:21
I Have Checked All The Places I Know For Info. It Appears That Hard Nox Has Been Banished Into The Black Hole Of Liberalism. No Links Or Reason Just Gone..
28 January 2021, 07:33
Mark Clark
Saturday still seems to be working.
Let’s hope they are not sent to oblivion.

28 January 2021, 08:58
That would be a shame. It is always entertaining, even if we are preaching to the choir. The libtards seem to keep this idea that if they silence us we will start thinking like they do (if they think at all).

Never mistake motion for action.
29 January 2021, 02:02
Hard Nox disappeared from my computer too. I had one that I hadn't read, when I tried to open it I got the message
"An error occurred while processing this directive" It appears that our masters have no sense of humor. This bodes ill for us.