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Be safe on the ice!

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14 December 2018, 20:15
Be safe on the ice!

18 December 2018, 07:41
It is very unnerving when I e walks on a frozen lake and hears a crack, and sees a quarter inche line appear in front of him!
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21 December 2018, 02:37
On Lake of the Woods some of the pressure cracks would open up enough you would need boards to drive across. I never had to do this. Most guys always had boards in their trucks.

The biggest scare I had was one morning when we went out pre-dawn. As we are driving down the icy boat ramp the moonlight reflecting of the ice looked like open water. I had the backs, my buddy wondered what the heck I was doing.

21 December 2018, 23:07
I've never been a fan of driving any vehicle, sled, ATV, etc. on ice over running least you have a chance to climb out if it's a lake.
25 December 2018, 05:47
Jason P
Never had the "guts" to drive a car or truck on the ice; regardless of the thickness! ATV's and my Side by side- yes.