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February Statistics

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26 February 2014, 19:33
February Statistics
This report was prepared specifically for: The Accurate Reloading Forums

Statistics reported for period of: January 1-31, 2014

Registered Members: 45845
New Members: 191
Total Hours Usage: 25481


Top 5 Posters
ledvm 348
Biebs 281
Saeed 267
Todd Williams 250
Edmond 216

Top 5 Topic Starters
robsrost 30
vicvanb 29
vashper 23
Opus1 22
juanpozzi 22

Total Page Views: 2,770,126
Avg. Page Views/Day: 92337
New Topics: 1667

5 Most Active Topics
Sullivan Responds-SCIs Undocumented Actions Against Mark Sullivan Continue by ExpressYourself (with 206 posts and 7431 page views)

My Searcy 500NE range report-found the target by shootaway (with 214 posts and 7338 page views)

Stopping Rifle In Action by WoodHunter (with 214 posts and 6821 page views)

Even if I could afford these I don't think I could use them in the bush. by Markschu (with 236 posts and 5055 page views)

Reform SCI Petition - From Dr. Larry Rudolph. by Saeed (with 194 posts and 4824 page views)