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AR April Statistics

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03 June 2013, 19:20
AR April Statistics
Statistics reported for period of: April 1-30, 2013

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Registered Members: 44778
New Members: 212
Total Hours Usage: 25662

Top 5 Posters
Swamp_Fox 323
Todd Williams 294
Wendell Reich 203
JTEX 193
PD999 181

Top 5 Topic Starters
Swamp_Fox 88
robsrost 30
tasunkawitko 29
ray in Wenatchee 25
Will 24

Total Page Views: 2,940,822
Avg. Page Views/Day: 101407
New Topics: 1825

5 Most Active Topics
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Blair WorldWide Hunting representing the finest Outfitters around the world... by drummondlindsey (with 165 posts and 6148 page views)

To Snipe or Not to Snipe -- A Tale of Two Buffalo Hunts by Todd Williams (with 200 posts and 5958 page views)

Erwin Kotze was killed today hunting elephant by juanpozzi (with 74 posts and 5022 page views)

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