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Looseing programs

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24 April 2009, 19:09
Looseing programs
What causes some programs or parts of to be lost or removed from my pc?

Is this common?

Is it caused by running spybot or adware?

once in awhile when doing a not so common function, I will get a pop up saying such and such program is missing from your PC, or something to that effect.

27 April 2009, 10:24
Never had that happen to any of the desktops I have owned over the years. I get corruptions and some parts of programs are unaccessable, but never had parts just disappear. For instance, I got some kind of bug on an earlier machine that locked me out of Properties. Other than that, the thing works fine. I'm baffled as to what your problem is...
27 April 2009, 19:35
another one I get is, when I click 'My Computer' then to defrag my pc , I will get a pop up that says, the programs to defrag are missing.
My PC will still defrag, but it defrags for awhile then cancels itself and starts over many times but eventually completes it.

Weird stuff like this

Oh well...
28 April 2009, 02:11
It sounds like a corrupted registry or some sort of malware.

Back up your photos and documents to a thumb drive or burn them onto a CD or DVD.

If you still have the operating system restore disks or partition on that PC, re-install the operating system.

Then, re-install only trusted software directly from the installation CDs or the vendor's site.