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Tell me about the swage for .20 cal pellets. How do you get them to release?
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I used a piece of plate steel, think it was 1/4" but could have been 3/16, however really it could be anything. Drilled a 13/16 hole in it on the drill press, then countersunk (I used what is called a "drill point countersink"). Leave the plate clamped to the drill press table and replace the drill bit in the chuck with a piece of rod, I cut the head off a nail and used that. Now pour some pellets on the plate and push one into the little divot you made with the countersink and push it through using the rod in the drill chuck. Put a cup underneath to catch the pellets as they fall through.

It helps to lubricate them before sizing, I used anything especially WD40 as there always seems to be a can around and of course since I was using these for Sheridans there's no chance of dieseling but I'd have tried it anyway if I had springers too.

My biggest screw up with it was I just clamped it to the table and drilled, then later I found out what PITA it was to center it each time I wanted to use it because if the punch rod is even slightly off center you can see it in the resized pellets. Next one I build will have some index pins in it so I can just drop it on to the drill press table and have it center itself under the chuck. Lastly, you need to have something to corral the pellets with, otherwise when you pour them on the plate a substantial number of them roll off. I just cut a ring from a section of PVC drainage pipe, when I do it again I'm just going to weld a strip of metal around the outside to make a 1/4" lip.

Hope that helps! Let me now if I didn't describe anything accurately enough.

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