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Look What Was At The Post Office

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26 April 2019, 21:37
Look What Was At The Post Office
Went to the PO and lo and behold. A grin came across my face. Couldn't wait to get home and put it together. The gun is a Factory Unaltered AA easy open frame with a factory unaltered AA 357 Max 10 " barrel. It wears a Wanre 4 hole, weaver style base, with Burris Signature rings and a Brand New Bushnell Elite 2-6X 32mm matte black Handgun Scope. The furniture is from High Plains and features a Pegasus Grip (been wanting to try one of these for years) and 2" wide flat bottom target forearm in Saphire Laminate. I think the purple pops with the AA frame. Have 200 rounds of Remington 357 Max brass and will start load development shortly. Have some AA1680 I am going to play with.
Thanks for reading and feel free to offer any "Pert Load" you might have. I have some 125,140,158, and 180 grain JHP to experiment with.
Thanks for reading and any and all input is welcome

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27 April 2019, 01:04
Greg K
Good luck with your new "toy". I just sold my 10" 357 Max barrel, it was my primary deer gun when I lived in Illinois. I loaded the Hornady 180 XTP over a max charge of W296 powder.


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29 April 2019, 18:31
That looks like a lot of fun -- and in a caliber I have always wanted to mess with. I'll bet your new Contender will be accurate as heck.

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30 April 2019, 07:14
Amazing what the Max will do with just 10" barrel.

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04 May 2019, 06:20
I'm running a TC Encore with a 16 inch MGM, AA 1680 or LilGun along with 180 gr XTP or Rem 180 gr HP will take a Mich WT and turn it inside out.
05 June 2019, 09:54
I had a friend back in the 70's that had a TC w/ a 30/30 bbl.He would regale everyone on occasion with his dirty Harry rendition."O.K punk,this is the most powerful handgun in the world.So do you feel lucky punk?Ask yourself this question;did I fire one or none;feeling lucky punk?"

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12 June 2019, 20:21
When I was still hunting I had a TC in .35 Remington. Not happy with that, I moved up to a 45-70. When I bought the 45-70 the seller gave me 50 rounds. A lifetime supply. 100 rounds. Anyone who's shot one of these off hand would understand that.
15 June 2019, 08:18
Someone posted a short flic here a few years ago of a guy shooting one in a 416 Rigby.Hilarious as he just kept backpeddling + the range roof doing an upper eruption from the gas.

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27 June 2019, 20:17
Tred, any range reports to share with us? As I mentioned, I have always admired the .357 Max but never shot or owned one.
Nobull, the heaviest hitter I ever had on a Contender frame was the .375 JDJ. It was quite "lively."

I won't take a sermon longer than 10 minutes.
19 July 2019, 14:35
Still would like a report on this gun and caliber. It was always on a "short list". Be Well. Packy
16 August 2019, 07:52
I sold my 357 max. It was a contender 12” MGM barrel. I used XTP 180 grain. Don’t remember the powder.
Shot one antelope with it.

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16 September 2019, 09:22
I remember when Bob Milek was writing for 'Guns + Ammo' in the '70s + the early 80s that he was a great proponent on the single-shot pistol platform. I never really got into it myself, one I am left-handed + the 1st shot out of the box (so to say) would be to buy new grips, + besides, it just never really interested me. That doesn't make it a bad idea by any means, it just didn't float my boat. Besides in the firearms world, I need another hobby like a hog that needs a sidesaddle.

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