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What hearing protection?

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10 October 2017, 01:31
What hearing protection?
So I think my Peltor backband electronic earmuffs are about dead so it is time to upgrade.

What is everyone using these days? I've looked at the Walker's, Radians and the ProEars. I use mine at the shooting range and in the blind if I am hunting in I don't mind the extra cost of the Pro Ears if they are worth it.

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11 October 2017, 21:55
I have found the Howard Leight brand to work well for me. I would avoid the Midway brand. They did just OK on the noise reduction, but sucked for sound amplification. Since I have hearing loss (not shooting related), it helps me to have the amplification since my hearing aids don't do well under muffs unless I just like the sound of feedback.

At the range, I put plugs in along with the muffs.

Also, in a stand, it is sometimes nice to have the input jack for the MP3 player so I can listen to books or music.


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19 September 2018, 20:57
I too have about 60% hearing loss (not shooting related) and need the electronic muffs.

The first pair I had were I think were Silencico stereo (2 mics, one for each ear) It ATE batteries, but worked okay.

I had a pair of the Walker Alpha Muffs, also stereo which I like very much but the method that it attached to the headband is kinda weak and easily broken so you have to be careful with them.

When I broke them (shoved in a range bag and rough handling did it) I bought a new pair of Walkers (Mono) but a stronger better designed head band for about 50 bucks from Cabelas.. I don't particularly like the mono, and while they are comfortable, I preferred the Alpha Muffs.

I found them on line at Amazon for like $35 bucks. Walkers Alpha Muffs. 23db protection which is about as good as you can get from a muff...

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24 September 2018, 22:28
What's wrong with custom ear plugs? You can buy the kit for about $12 on Amazon or EBay and do it yourself. I have two pairs, one in my Skeet bag and the other in my general shooting bag. Has lasted for years and does not affect stock to cheek weld.

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26 September 2018, 08:24
As the wise man once said,"Someday you might want to hear your grandchildrens voices."

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27 September 2018, 02:47
I like the Peltors best.

27 September 2018, 08:14
I do too. I keep mine for me + let everyone else on the range use my standard muffs.They work as well but I like the feature of hearing while on unless a loud report.

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05 October 2018, 21:07
The very best ear plugs, muffs, etc only provide between 20 and 30 db protection.
A gunshot, depending on the weapon, (short barrel, brake, etc) can be in excess of 160db
Hearing damage begins at around 90db, and pain begins around 130db

So even if you are using 30db protection and you have some clown next to you using a weapon with a brake, you are likely experiencing some hearing damage/loss.

and on the advice of my ENT and my audiologist, I use both foam plugs AND my electronic muffs on the range.

I gotta protect what I got left!

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06 October 2018, 03:10
I use plugs and muffs. Unfortunately I can still hear the Lady in my life.
10 November 2018, 05:09
Originally posted by butchlambert:
I use plugs and muffs. Unfortunately I can still hear the Lady in my life.

My problem also !
23 December 2018, 10:22
Here at our range I use one set of ear plugs - EARS, yellow, corrugated. And Beltor over ear muffs.

Hunting I use nothing.
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26 December 2018, 06:12
I shoot probably 30-50 rds a day test firing guns at the shop. I use ribbed silicon plugs with shotguns, pistols, and non-compensated long guns. I use plugs and muffs with compensated guns but they still ring my ears.
30 December 2018, 00:36
Huh? I have to use protection while shooting or it gets painful. Dr said I am borderline for hearing aids. After getting the results of a catscan back to determine whether I had a tumor or not, he winked at me and said "There is nothing wrong with your brain Packy.", with a wink only I could see. Mrs. Packy just rolled her eyes. So I didn't get the hearing aids and should have. My loss has progressed a bit. 2019 will be the year. But then I won't have an excuse to ignore "She who must be obeyed!". Packy
30 December 2018, 08:32
I have a past hunting buddy that ran away from home to join in war 2. He went into Artillery.Long story but I'll make it short.He went to the Dr.a few years ago to see about getting some hearing aids, after his artillery heritage.The dr. looked at his record + said,"Hell, it says here you've been smoking 3 packs a day for the last 50 years;you don't need a hearing aid;you're dead."

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02 January 2019, 04:07
Howard Leight electronic muffs are inexpensive and comfortable enough for short periods. Always wear them with plugs underneath for any range work - shotgun, rifle, handgun.

MSA Sordins for hunting. Comfortable all day, much better sound quality. They protect well even with a braked .375 GG. They don't restore directional sense the way good sets of hearing aids can, but the hearing aids aren't the least bit protective. Well, at least they're expensive....