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I realize that the majority of you guys are not FFL holders. But I thought I’d provide a handy reference for those of you that may have questions now and then. I have a Type 1 FFL (by far the most common) and have been somewhat confused about the other types and options prior to putting the following chart together.


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Thanks Wayne. I currently hold a Type 3 Curio & Relic license, and had a Type 6 some years ago when I was swaging jacketed bullets on Corbin equipment. At one point, the BATF sent an agent from Portland to Medford, Oregon, to check on me -- nearly five hours of driving each way. She walked into the back room where I had my Corbin hand press, core cutter and jars of jackets stored and she says, "This is it? This is all of it?" I said "Yes ma'am. Do want to check my C&R bound book while you are here?"
She said no thank you and drove back to Portland.

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And an FFL used to be $2.00/yr. Big drop in crime,
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In the Black Powder forum?
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