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Kydex Knife Sheaths

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18 November 2009, 08:20
Kydex Knife Sheaths
Hey everyone,

I just wanted to plug a real good sheath maker I have found.

Bruce Good of Red Hill Sheaths in Pahrump Nevada

He does some great work. I had an old reliable Buck 119 that the sheath had began rotting away on and it became unsafe to carry. I started looking around for something practical.

Check it out the work is all tp notch and he is affordable.

NRA Life
Searcy 470 NE

The poster formerly known as Uglystick
29 November 2009, 12:11
Don Slater
Actually, for a hunting knife I like the sheaths made by Bob Dozier for about $30.00.

They work great for me since I'm right handed, wear my sheath on the left side and cross draw the knife. (Sheath style A)