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Wood scale repairing
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I got a really nice knife yesterday in a 'defect' sale. It's only problem is a crack where it looks like the handle scale was not quite full dry before attaching. There is a hairline crack through one pin, and a slightly larger crack about 2/3 of the way down the handle towards the other pin. It is all currently tight, nothing has broken loose yet, but the cracks do appear to go fully through to the tang.

Here it is, the Beretta Loveless knife.

Anyway, I am thinking that I should try to seal the crack before using it and getting dirt, blood, etc. down into the crack. My thoughts are some good runny epoxy and super glue. Any better ideas out there??? My goal is first to stabilize and strengthen the handle to make it reliable in the field, and second to make the repair as invisible as possible.

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If you know the type of wood used for the handle, you can use a sander and collect a quantity of the dust, mix it with epoxy and fill the cracks. It will have a semi gloss to the crack area, but if you clean the crack out well, it should hold together well without having to replace the entire scale.

I do this on quite a few handles where there is a particularly good piece of mesquite I want to use but has a small crack. I have yet to have any of those fail, even though some I did over 10 years ago.

If done well, it is difficult to see exactly where the crack was, especially if you put some type of gloss finish to the handle.

Good Luck

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Send it back to Beretta and let them handle it (no pun intended). I personally would let them know it is new and received in the present condition. Personally, telling them you purchased it in that condition and price was reduced to sell as is, is TMI (Too Much Information). I would be surprised if they did not send you a new one or have yours fix without and charges.

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I'd send it back. If you choose not to do that, one way to fill cracks or small imperfections in the surface is to use multiple applications of super glue of the material is structurally sound. Takes patience ... seal, sand, seal sand, seal sand, etc.


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