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Please share your .250-3000 Savage loads
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I picked up a Ruger M77 International in .250 Savage. Sweet little rifle, and will likely become a grandkid gun.

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When i got my first 250 ( in the very early 80s)i went and talked to TC Kennon, a gunsmith in the Atlanta area and a huge proponent of the 250. Without batting an eye he said 36.5gr of IMR 4064 with a 95 or 100 gr bullet. I tried it and never strayed from it. The man new what he was talking about. Yes it may show as slightly over book max but i shot it in both a Savage 99 (old one) and a Ruger 77. Both rifles liked it just fine.
Obviously start a grain or 2 lower and work up, but i bet you will get the same results i did. My granddaughter now shoots a 250AI with the same still works.
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I re-barreled a Sav bolt action for a grandaughter and found RL 17 to be the most accurate in my rifle with 100 gr bullets. Max is about 39 grs. Suggest starting @ about 35 or 36 grs and work up carefully
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87gr with 40.5gr RL17. New Savage Bolt.
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I prett much use H414, CFR223 is looking good..Most all reloading books have 250 savage data..The 250 is an easy keeper, they shoot most powders and bullets into tiny groups, easy to load for..38 to 42.5 grs. of either depending on the bullet weight..I quit using 4350 and 4831 some years ago as H414 and lately CFE-223 just measure so accurately and so easy,and work as well as any other powder for accuracy and velocity..Start out with 38 grs and any bullet and work up from there in your individual gun and bullet.

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