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Re: If you could only use one pistol powder, which one would it be?
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2400!!!good in just about anything. And my.41 mags love it!

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I used to use WW-296 which is the same a H110. Now my go to powder is Unique.

Still like the 296 ocassionally in the Magnums.

God Bless, Louis
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BULLSEYE can be used for target loads in just about anything from 25 ACP to 45 ACP and it is my number 1 for 38 Spc, but 2400 is my magnum powder. I cant do with just one
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Ancient thread but I use power pistol and 2400.

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Definitely 2400. In rifle powder, it would be IMR 4350.

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I have some 231 and Unique but 2400 seems to be the powder I use the most.

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Unique has stood the test of time, I have been using it for more than 40 years.
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Unique for me.

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