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Anyone have some good Subsonic 300 Blackout Loads
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Looking for some subsonic loads. Open to all but thinking I would prefer heavy bullets. Thinking 220gr. I know they won't expand but at subsonic speed, what will?
Thanks in advance.
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I load 220 gr. Sierra MK and Nosler 220 match bullets with AA1680.I don't have my data in front of me but I'll try to get it this evening if no one else chimes in. The loads are different for two bullets, the Noslers were about 125 fps faster than the Sierras so I had to drop my load to keep them subsonic. Lots of fun to shoot I've killed 2-3 hogs with these.
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subsonic loads

Hornady list several min loads that look to be subsonic.
Take a look.
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I checked my notes, with the 220 Sierra MK I loaded 11.2 gr. of AA1680 with an OAL of 2.120".
Using the 220 Nosler the load was 10.5 gr. with an OAL of 2.150". Both in Federal brass with CCI primers. Have fun with it!
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You can load subsonic loads in any cartridge, using pistol powders.

My favorite is UNIQUE, but others are just as good.

I use UNIQUE in a large range of cartridges, from the 223 all the way to the 577 T.Rex.

Depending on the velocity required, and the case, anything from 7 to 50 grains.
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8.7 Lil gun with lehigh 194 maximum expansion
12.2 RL 7 lehigh 198 controled fracture
16 inch barrel bolt gun with suppressor.
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I'm shooting subs in a 9" SBR a BCM barrel if it makes a difference. A charge of 11.4 grains of AA 1680 at 2.220" overall length, Hornady brass and Winchester small pistol magnum primers with Lapua 220 grain bullets. Velocity is 1020 ft/secs and sd's run 8 to 12.

A little cleaner load is with IMR 4227 at 10.0 grains which in my barrel is slightly faster at 1050. A friend's AAC upper with the same barrel length is roughly 60 ft/secs faster with these loads.

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Unique is a great powder for a variety of uses; I keep a few lbs. around for G.P.

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