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What upgrades for a CZ 550 in 458 Lott?

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08 May 2021, 00:26
What upgrades for a CZ 550 in 458 Lott?
I picked up a new old stock CZ 550 in 458 Lott this week.

I would like to upgrade it and outfit it as an all-weather bear rifle that may go to Africa one day...

Some of my initial thoughts are that I would like to put a larger (42mm) objective scope for low light on it, Alaska Arms detachable rings, cerakote, synthetic stock, along with action and trigger tuning.

I've chatted with Jerry at Matrix Gunsmithing and he's sent me the #1-3 package options.

What should I consider for this outfit? What are the pros and cons to modification options?
08 May 2021, 18:10
I have a former Alaska bear guide Lott as you envisage. The only other thing would be a stainless steel barrel.
08 May 2021, 21:23
I have a CZ 458 Lott that prior to my purchase had been sent to AHR.
It has 22” barrel, GunKote finish I think, bolt straighten and hole filled, CZ fiberglass stock (which Bell & Carlson makes), AHR sights, AHR 3-position safety and trigger. I bought Alaska Arms rings and have a Swarovski 1-6x24mm EE scope to go on it.

This rifle will see very limited use by me. I am not a guide nor bear hunter, but do like bigger bores. I moose hunt mostly with 375’s and 416’s with 22” and under barrel lengths.
The CZ’s are nice rifles.
As mentioned above stainless is a good idea, and my preference, but obviously not required.
09 May 2021, 02:36
My 25” humpback stock .458 cz550 went to AHR a while ago. I reamed it out to Lott. Then Wayne chopped it to 22”, barrel band front sight and sling mount, new express sights, synthetic stock. Straightened bolt handle Winchester safety new trigger (3lbs) guncoat and feeding reliability. After shooting full power loads and the recoil pad ripping off I added a murcury recoil reducer to stock. 8lbs was too light. Z6i 1x6 ee in Alaska arms rings. It’s a good gun more than enough power for anything and 5 down one up the pipe. I get about 2250 FPS With 500 grain bullets

White Mountains Arizona
09 May 2021, 02:37
Basically the exact same rifle as above

White Mountains Arizona
09 May 2021, 03:42
Yep, they sound like twin rifles.

Originally posted by gunslinger55:
Basically the exact same rifle as above

10 May 2021, 17:26
Scott Leonard
CZ 550 .375
I did the bolt handle, bedding, necg large bead front sight. Stoned the rails, adj trigger to 3#. Also cut and welded trigger to follow rear contour of trigger guard. Allowed me to get my hand further back and down on the pistol grip. Made a big improvement in handling recoil. I'd definitely do it for a Lott. Should've shortened the barrel while I was at it.
11 May 2021, 05:08
cut to 23", replace front sight, wrist pin, cross bolts, bed it .. shot it lotts

opinions vary band of bubbas and STC hunting Club

Information on Ammoguide about the416AR, 458AR, 470AR, 500AR
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What is an AR round? Case Drawings 416-458-470AR and 500AR.
12 May 2021, 04:47
A.J. Hydell
CZ 550 Magnums are rough out of the box, but not nearly as rough as the old BRNO 602s were.

Ask rifle-'smith Lon Paul. He started a cottage industry back in the '90s with his "BRNO conversion" custom work.

All The Best ...
12 May 2021, 06:20
Originally posted by A.J. Hydell:
CZ 550 Magnums are rough out of the box, but not nearly as rough as the old BRNO 602s were.

Ask rifle-'smith Lon Paul. He started a cottage industry back in the '90s with his "BRNO conversion" custom work.

Once again, Lee Harvey, your comments here are as wrong as most of your comments on other threads.

Unlike you, I have a .375 H&H Brno 602 and it is very smooth. What you might be referring to were the old BBK actions that were based off Brno tooling but made in Korea. Brno_Bauska_Korean. They were rough but once polished up, made decent big bore actions.

Get your facts straight.
12 May 2021, 09:00
My Lott came from CZ, ordered with upgrades from them. I went 23" barrel, bedding, barrel band sling swivel (just for looks as it never wears a sling) and bedding job. Then I took off the folding leaves from the rear sight myself, and worked the bolt back/forth endlessly to smooth things up.

I shot it quite a bit at home before taking it to Africa. On the second safari I took it on, I shot a buffalo four times as quickly as I could work the bolt (with full-power Hornady ammo). The last shot felt like a punch from Mike Tyson. So when I got home I sent it to JJ Perodeau, he put some lead in the front and rear of the stock to get it around 9.5 lbs.

Then I picked up a used AHR CZ in 450 Dakota. This one has a 21" heavier taper barrel, and I like the balance and carry a little better. This one has the straightened bolt handle, 3 position safety, and came with a synthetic stock (kevlar, I think). I sent it to Wayne for a new rear sight (was missing when I bought it) and he found a nice walnut stock in his 'take off' pile & bedded the rifle into it.

On both rifles, I handload to around 2175-2200fps. So I honestly probably didn't need to add weight to the Lott. And I now kind of think "shorter is better" for a DG rifle, as long as it balances and handles well.
07 June 2021, 00:04
The CZ that I previously mentioned, that I had bought used, now has a different synthetic stock. The original stock was about 1/2” LOP too long for me. I was debating on having it cut to my LOP. But decided on ordering a new stock from Bell & Carlson. The original stock had been bedded to the rifle.
I liked this rifle but the stock was obviously too long for me and the rifle itself just felt heavier than I cared for. Prior to buying this stock, I bought a MRC stainless/synthetic 458 Lott. The MRC felt better weight and handling wise to me.

When I swapped stocks on the CZ, I could tell the original stock was much heavier than the new one. It was 8.4 ounces heavier. I have not removed the recoil pad, but suspect that weight has been added. The rifle feels much better with the extra 1/2 pound. It now weighs about 9# 12 ounces with Alaska Arms rings, Swarovski 1-6x24 EE scope and lens covers.

One thing to note / question: I assume the AHR trigger moves the trigger shoe closer to the rear of trigger (effectively reducing LOP) ? So the LOP came out a little shorter than I anticipated. I did not take that into consideration when I ordered my stock. The EE model scope does allow me ample eye relief though. I have not had a chance to shoot the rifle, yet. My supporting hand’s shoulder currently has an issue. Uncommitted until I fire the rifle, but I think this is a definite improvement for me.
05 July 2021, 22:45
RCG, why be insulting, when decent conversation comes across better, your post lost all its effect..Hydell, BTW has added many good posts on this forum..He said some were rough, and your post actually varified his statement.. BOOM

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