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My last four books.

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04 December 2020, 23:42
Jason P
My last four books.
As I’ve been building a house, my current travel to my work is a LONG 3 hour drive. Therefore, I’ve been listening to a lot of audible books. Here are my latest:

Patton by Martin Blumenson. I would rate it as very good and worth the read.

Nine Years among the Indians by Herman Lehman. I rate this book as outstanding and very highly recommended. It was very unique and the real life experiences among the Indians were astonishing.

Theodore Roosevelt by Kathleen Dalton. I’m a little biased as TR is my favorite president. Very good detail and a very in depth biography.

Trail: The story of Lewis and Clark by Louis Charbonneau. Very good and recommend
06 December 2020, 05:35
Use Enough Gun
Jason: Where are you building your house and where do you work that would cause such a long drive in Utah? Is that one way?!
07 December 2020, 02:14
Jason P
I’m living in Logan at my rental house. I am building a house in Garden City. My work is about a 45 minute drive from Garden City.
My current drive is 3 hours round trip.

We should be completed in January which will be a big relief. As I stated in another thread, my previous home that I lived in we sold (which was only a few minutes from work). Garden City is a bit closer to family and a much better place for real estate (IMO).
18 December 2020, 04:39
Herman Lehman's great great grandson (I think that's right) runs cattle east of Iowa Park.
18 December 2020, 09:56
What state? I'm from Iowa Park right outside of Wichita Falls, Tx. But that's been a long time ago.

Never mistake motion for action.
10 February 2021, 15:49
He lived on North Rifle Range Road