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357 Mag. Anti-terrorist

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12 December 2002, 13:26
357 Mag. Anti-terrorist
I have another one that a friend gave to me. [Wink] He called it a anti-terrorist round. Near as I can tell... it has a 26 grain composite bullett (silver/gray in color) tapered with a flat nose. It has no powder, a nickle case and a flat nickle primer. the H/S is FEDERAL 357 MAGNUM. Any body ever heard of such a cartridge? Maybe it is made for close range shooting, such as in an airplane cabin?
13 December 2002, 08:43
I would suggest this is one of those anti - terrorist/hijacker type cartridges , high velocity over short distances but not a great penetration effect beyond say fifty fee. I would also suspect that the bullet compound is some type of frangible material designed to create an impressive wound channel to disable the perpetrator rapidly - similar function to the PMC UltraMag with its hollow brass projectile designed to cut a tube of your body out to let your oil flow freely.
I am not aware of Federal manufacturing such a cartridge but there are a gazillion private loaders of such ammunition in your country , thats what make cartridge collecting so interesting!
13 December 2002, 12:48
I know that Federal is notorious for loading +P ammo for the secret service and the CIA, I have a bunch of it in my collection. Ussually other companies , now-a-days, will use brass made by Starline or other brass companies. Thats why I'd like to find a lead on who exactly man. this little cutie.
13 December 2002, 18:27
Tony Williams
If it is a complete round, and was not intended to have any powder, then it must be relying on the primer to propel the bullet. That seems possible in view of the extremely light bullet. In that case, the effectiveness would be so low that I can't see it being much of a threat against anything bigger than a mouse.

I think it is probably an indoor practice round.

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