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Herter's Bullet Jackets

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17 November 2002, 09:10
Herter's Bullet Jackets
More from the new guy.....

I have a couple of boxes (250 count) Herter's 38 Caliber Bullet Jackets. Could anyone tell me how long ago these were offered as a product by Herter's, and if they are considered collectible?

I originally posted this question in Reloading, but thought perhaps if they are collectible, you guys/gals would know.


18 November 2002, 08:36
No idea on the age, but it's possible if you find the right person, I suppose . . . wouldn't hold your breath. I had a swaging press, several dies, a bunch of jackets and lead wire which took me two years to sell on line, and at that it was for much less than the items were worth - even used. Home-grown jacketed bullets were never a big market and with the variety of projectiles now available from large makers, there's very little need for it. Plus, by the time one invests in the tools / materials, it's almost impossible to recover the costs in savings over factory offerings, much less the value of the time.
18 November 2002, 17:58

This is the only bullet swaging forum I know about, and it's pretty quit, but give it a try.

18 November 2002, 19:43
..put 'em on'll find out real quick how much theyre worth..